"A woman in labor needs total support--in order to let go completely, to allow her own system to adapt and respond to the power of the birthing process." 

        ~ The Doula Book Marshall Klaus, M.D., John Kennell, M.D., and Phyllis Klaus, C.S.W., M.F.T.


Cheryl Shelton

Cheryl currently persuing her doula certification through DONA International. She believes that women should feel secure, comfortable and in control throughout the birth process. She strives to create that nurturing environment for the laboring woman through her warmth and personal touch.  Cheryl believes that each mother is a unique individual and tailors her nurturing and sensitive support to fit each mother's specific desires and needs.  She strives to provide the very best of physical, mental, and emotional support in order to empower the mother and her partner throughout the entire birthing process.  Her previous work with children in the education field has taught her an enormous amount of patience and nurturing, that translates very well into the delivery room.  She is also currently persuring certification in Childbirth Education and Pre-natal Massage.  Cheryl resides in Washington Heights with her two cats, Puck and Mab.


Zoe Belkin

Zoe is embarking on her journey as a doula with the goal of helping women and their families achieve meaningful and empowering births.  She strives to help women and their families make the labor and birth experience their own by exploring their emotional, physical and spiritual needs.  Zoe understands the importance of support through language and touch.  Her previous experience in the field includes childcare and work as sexual and reproductive educator for children, teens and adults.  She has relevant academic experience in adult and prenatal nutrition, human development, biology and human sexuality.  She lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Our Promises to You as Your Doula
*I will not lie to you.
*I will do everything in my power so that you do not suffer.
*You cannot hurt my feelings while you are in labor.