Pregnancy and Childbirth Discussion Group

We will be hosting a discussion group for women in all stages of pregnancy beginning in early August. This is a chance for you to meet other women or couples facing the same obstacles and challenges, reaching the same milestones and achievements as you.  It is a chance to share some of your experiences and hear what others have done to cope with the challenges of pregnancy.  You will make new friends, laugh and enjoy yourself, and maybe even learn a trick or two to aid in your own childbirth.

Location: TBA**

**Location will depend on registration.  We are planning to hold two to three discussion groups a month, in various areas of Manhattan.  

**If you would like to ensure that we hold a discussion group in your area please contact us at and we will do our best to get a great group of women together in your area!

Birth Doula Discussion Group

We will be putting together a group of birth doulas to meet each month and discuss our experiences.  We all know that  you can never have enough ideas, so lets all get together and share our successes and our disappointments so that we can all learn from each other and become the best doulas that we can be, and have a little fun in the process!

Location: TBA**

**If you would like to host a get together of Doulas, or know of a good place have the group meet I would love to hear your input.  Please feel free to email me at 

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